The last set of purchasers for the 12 months were from Saudi Arabia. They certainly were purchasing the last two trained slave girl’s from the year’s crop of five.

The purchasers had been sent by an associate regarding the royal household to purchase servant girls for the prince’s harem. The best choice had been named Waffik, who was simply thin and tall with dark locks. His servant’s title ended up being Mohammed who was simply really fat by having a beard that appeared as if it had been a week old. The 3rd individual ended up being a child of eighteen years of age. He had been the son associated with prince who had been at his first servant purchase. The child took a instant taste to Butt Pig in which he led her throughout the house and to the garden by a leash. Her arms had been cuffed in front of her, enabling her to crawl on all fours. She was still humiliated at being forced to obey a boy that young although she had been in training for about a year and nine months. Continue reading “”